Update your Facebook status via SMS… nice.

I was surprised to find out recently that a lot of people still don’t know that they can update their Facebook status via text message (i.e. SMS). This is actually pretty easy and its a great way to make sure that everyone is spying on you all the time :)

All you have to do is send a text message to FBOOK (32665) and make sure that your text message starts with an “@” character

So, for example, If I wanted to update my status to “Aydin is blogging now”, all I’d have to do is send the following text message to facebook (32665):

“@ blogging now”.

btw, you can tell if someone updated their facebook status from their cell phone if you see a small mobile phone icon right next to their status update…

Use it!


posted by: Aydin Mirzaee .

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10 Responses to “Update your Facebook status via SMS… nice.”

  1. charles

    Hmm I got a ‘access dennied’ message back. Is there more instructions you need to give to enable this?

  2. beunreasonable


    you may have to install the facebook mobile application and activate on facebook before you can use this functionality…

    hope this helps,

  3. Shawn

    Great find! I’m going to have to start testing this out. What a cool way to keep folks up to date with what you are doing.

  4. Peter

    is this possible from europe too? doesn’t seem to be…

  5. anon

    I dont think it’s working now.

  6. Cyndi

    Thanks for the info. It got me started in the right direction!

    You have to go to facebook.com/mobile to get a confirmation code sent to your phone. After you put the confirmation code in the appropriate field on facebook.com/mobile, you can start updating (and other stuff) using text messages.

  7. mike

    im having a problem. when i repsond to one of my friends status update and when he replies back, i dont get that reply sent to my phone like i use to, nor do i get any of my friends response to his status sent to my phone as SMS text. this problem started happenning 2 days ago. how do i fix it?

  8. Anggie

    Unfortunately, It’s working on operator 3(Three) only.. Currenly i’m living in Indonesia

  9. sky

    will u get charge for doing that update thru your cell phone by using SMS?

    *can u email me?

  10. Nadia Shaheen


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